Weight Loss & Nutrition Planning

The Key to Your Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss Goals

Step 1: Body Composition Assessment

In order to properly develop a nutrition plan specific to your weight loss goals, we need to understand your body composition. First, we will quantify your fat mass and lean mass through hydrostatic weighing. Next, we will measure your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), to understand your metabolic rate, respiratory exchange ratio, and minimal caloric needs.

Step 2: Evaluating Health and Lifestyle

Next, we will understand your basic biomarkers by taking a look at your lifestyle and activity. We will determine current caloric intake and caloric expenditure (what you eat and what you burn).

Step 3: Your Customized Plan

Now, we can develop your customized 4-week nutrition program. We take your goals into consideration and formulate caloric needs, macronutrient percentages, and provide recommendations for supplement needs.

Step 4: Tracking Your Progress

Reassessing your body composition is the most important part of the process. As your body composition and exercise program changes, your nutrient needs will change.


  • Hydrostatic body fat test, RMR, and Initial 4-Week Nutrition Plan $339

  • 2 Hydrostatic body fat test and Initial 4-Week Nutrition Plan $299

  • 1 Hydrostatic body fat test and Initial 4-Week Nutrition Plan $249

  • Initial 4-week Nutrition Plan $209

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