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The Fit Lab is a fitness facility that offers personal training services, fitness testings, and gym memberships for all fitness levels. The Fit Lab was founded by a team of knowledgeable and experienced fitness and health professionals with over 30+ years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Together, they dedicate their lives to educating and motivating their community to live fit. The facility offers the best equipment for training and fitness testing. The Fit Lab is home to a Hydrostatic Dunk Tank, regarded as the “Gold Standard” of body composition testing. Highly accurate in determining body fat percentage, the dunk tank is a must tool for all individuals with different types of fitness goals. Whether it is for health or performance, understanding body composition helps get you to your goals. In addition to the customized personal training program, The Fit Lab provides detailed and comprehensive nutrition consulting, planning, and guidance. Just as fingerprints, we understand that everyone has different metabolisms metabolic processes.


Personal Training

There exist a plethora of the “latest and greatest” exercise routines as well as scores of…

Fitness Testing

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing is the regarded by industry experts as the “Gold Standard” to body fat testing…

Nutrition Planning

Nutrition is the most important factor involved in transforming your health…


Mike Elrod

Mike Elrod

Co-Owner, Head Trainer

Mikes experience and expansive knowledge comes from strength and conditioning coaches at Texas high schools, universities and colleges. He specializes in sports performance, plyometrics, and strength and conditioning exercises. He has trained all types of individuals from athletes, MMA fighters, military personal, and business professionals to help get them to their fitness goals.

Sean Pangelinan

Sean Pangelinan

Co-Owner, General Manager

Sean is a former Olympic canoer and professional paddler. He holds a BS in Kinesiology. As a fitness and health specialist, he specializes in corrective exercise movements and weight loss, and has helped 100s of people reach their health and fitness goals. He is most passionate about promoting the awareness and prevention of childhood obesity in the US Territories.

Partner with us?

Are you a Health and Fitness Professional who is passionate about helping your clients reach their health and fitness goals? The Fit Lab is looking for new partnerships with fitness trainers and other businesses! Please contact us if you are interested in providing your clients the gold standard of body fat testing.


Britney N

I lost over 26 lbs of fat, and went from a body fat percentage 34% to 17%!!! Sean trained me. He was super knowledgeable about everything–effective workouts, proper form, and human physiology and anatomy. He helped me when I was at my worst (when I could barely sprint 100 feet or do box jumps) and I am more than grateful for his help.

Ashlea E.


I went from 27% to 15% body fat percentage. I lost over 20lbs of Fat!

Robin R.


I lost 50lbs working with Sean! My knees would hurt every time I took step. Sean helped me work on my biomechanics and range of motion to not only decrease the pain but get me out and active to do what I love!

Rhondda B.


I didnt lose much weight but I have made a life style to  decrease my stress levels and feel happier. In the process I lost 2 dress sizes and have more energy to take care of my kid!

Arturo H.


In the short time Ive been with the TLF team I dropped 15lbs and went from 26% to 16% body fat percentage! I would like to especially thank Mike Elrod for phyiscally and mentally preparing me for my physical test that I excelled in!


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