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The Fit Lab is a fitness facility that offers personal training services, fitness testings and gym memberships. We opened our doors in June of 2015, and was founded by a team of certified and knowledgeable fitness and health professionals with over 30+ years of combined experience in the fitness industry.

Not only do we offer the best equipment for training but we are also home to a Hydrostatic Dunk Tank, which is regarded by industry experts as the “gold standard” in body composition testing.

Here at The Fit Lab, we dedicate our lives to educate and motivate the community to live fit and be happy!


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Nutrition Planning

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Sean Pangelinan

Sean Pangelinan

Founder & Head Trainer
Tara Diaz

Tara Diaz



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Janelle F.


I went from 160 lbs to 142 lbs in less than 30 days! Sean is an amazing personal trainer who takes the time and energy to educate his clients about proper body mechanics, nutrition and life balance.

Brittney N

I lost over 26 lbs of fat, and went from a body fat percentage of 34% to 17%!!! Sean trained me. He was super knowledgeable about everything – effective workouts, proper form, and human physiology and anatomy. He helped me when I was at my worst (when I could barely sprint 100 feet or do box jumps) and I am more than grateful for his help.

Ashlea E.


I went from 27% to 15% body fat percentage. I lost over 20 lbs of fat!

Robin R.


I lost 50 lbs working with Sean! My knees would hurt every time I took a step. Sean helped me work on my biomechanics and range of motion to not only decrease the pain but get me out and be active to do what I love!

Rhonda B.


I didn’t lose much weight but I have made a lifestyle to decrease my stress levels and feel much happier. In the process, I lost 2 dress sizes and have more energy to take care of my kid!

Arturo H.


In the short time I’ve been with The Fit Lab team, I dropped 15 lbs and went from 26% to 16% body fat percentage! I would like to especially thank Mike Elrod for phyiscally and mentally preparing me for my physical test that I excelled in!


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The Fit Lab is located behind Suncoast Remodelers.