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The Fit Lab aka The Lab is San Diego’s premier fitness facility. We offer a proven method to achieve your health and fitness goals with our state-of-the-art fitness testing equipments: Hydrostatic Dunk Tank, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, and VO2 Testing.

With the results from your fitness testings, we can develop a nutrition plan and exercise program specific to your needs. Our programs are comprehensive and detailed yet simple to follow but most importantly, it will get you the results you want!

The Lab has a fully amenable gym dedicated to personal training and small group training, and it is staffed with a highly qualified team to guide you along your journey.

Our goal is to provide the “gold standard” of fitness tests and effective nutrition and exercise services to the Greater San Diego Area.

Welcome to The Fit Lab!


The Fit Lab is home to both the Hydrostatic “Body Fat” Dunk Tank and a Mixing Chamber Metabolic Testing Device.

What does this mean? We have the “gold standard” of fitness tests for measuring important bio-markers: Body Composition, Resting Metabolic Rate, and VO2.

These fitness tests are helpful tools that can be used to fine tune and be meticulous with your nutrition plan and exercise program.

What was once only available at the university and research settings is now offered at San Diego’s premier fitness facility at an affordable rate.

Read more about our Fitness Testing Services in the next section “Our Method.”

Fitness Testing Services

Hydrostatic Body Fat Dunk Test

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

VO2 (Sub Max) Test

Our fitness tests are available a la carte or in packages. Click below for pricing options and to book an appointment!


OUR METHOD is the full package, a comprehensive 3-step process that starts in Step 1 with the three fitness tests:

1. Hydrostatic Body Fat Composition Testing aka “Dunk Testing”

2. Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

3. VO2 Testing

Based on your test results, we will create Your Formula, a personalized nutrition plan in STEP 2, and an exercise program in STEP 3.

To read more about each step, click on the links below.

Nutrition Planning and Exercise Programming (personal or small group training) are also available a la carte or in packages with fitness tests.

Don’t know what exactly it is you need? Book a free health consultation and we can provide all the information you need to jump start your health and fitness journey!


Sean Pangelinan

Sean Pangelinan

Tara Torres

Tara Torres

Brandon Lind

Brandon Lind




My training has elevated since I have had Tara’s knowledgeable guidance and motivating spirit behind me. I started off weighing 230 lbs and am now at 204 lbs. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle. The specific meal plan designed for me by Tara, for my desired results have been a game changer! I went from 23.23% body fat to 16.53% body fat and continuing to improve. Could not have done it alone. Big props to Tara and The Fit Lab. All in all it’s become a way of life. It’s become #PERSONAL!

Keith M.

keith m.

I have had the pleasure of training with Sean for some time now at The Lab. Now, I am in the best shape of my life. I weigh less than I did as a teenager in high school, and I catch myself wondering why I never made this commitment before because I feel GREAT! He put me on a simple and sensible eating plan, and helps me tweak it as necessary.

Janelle F.


I went from 160 lbs to 142 lbs in less than 30 days! Sean is an amazing personal trainer who takes the time and energy to educate his clients about proper body mechanics, nutrition and life balance.

Robin R.


I lost 50 lbs working with Sean! My knees would hurt every time I took a step. Sean helped me work on my biomechanics and range of motion to not only decrease the pain but get me out and be active to do what I love!

Rhonda B.


I didn’t lose much weight but I have made a lifestyle to decrease my stress levels and feel much happier. In the process, I lost 2 dress sizes and have more energy to take care of my kid!

Brittney N

I lost over 26 lbs of fat, and went from a body fat percentage of 34% to 17%!!! Sean trained me. He was super knowledgeable about everything – effective workouts, proper form, and human physiology and anatomy. He helped me when I was at my worst (when I could barely sprint 100 feet or do box jumps) and I am more than grateful for his help.

Arturo H.


In the short time I’ve been with The Fit Lab team, I dropped 15 lbs and went from 26% to 16% body fat percentage! I would like to especially thank the Fit Lab for physically and mentally preparing me for my physical test that I excelled in!

Ashlea E.


I went from 27% to 15% body fat percentage. I lost over 20 lbs of fat!


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The Fit Lab is located behind Suncoast Remodelers.